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TUESDAY  02/07/2024

Nearest exchanges

Ziva Exoticka Pragha

date 13.04.2024

             Czech Republic 

TeraPlaza Budapeszt 

date 21/04/2024



date 04/05/2024




date 12/05/2024


Loyalty program

Want to join our loyalty program? Nothing easier!

When shopping, go to the “Loyalty program” tab, add a card to the basket and collect stickers!

For every PLN 100 spent you will receive 1 sticker.
10 stickers=20% discount

Already have a card and want to receive stickers for your order? Let us know 🙂

karty lojalnościowe

We have freebies for you!

If you are interested in a freebie, please add it to the cart. Free is available for purchases only of tarantulas, scorpions or spiders.

You don’t want to receive freebies for your order, do not add “free product” to the cart 🙂


SPF Shop we provide breeders with everything they need!

Let’s start with where the SPFshop name came from? It is nothing more than an abbreviation of the SpidersForge company, which I have been the founder and owner of for several years. Terraristics has been my greatest passion since childhood. Over time, it has become my way of life.

Why is it worth it to choose SPF Shop?

Fast turnaround time

Safe package

Attractive prices

Go shopping for your breeding!

Decor and decorations